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Tualitan, OR


Growing Grateful Children


Shelly, Soleil, Summer and Toby LaVigne~

Shelly, Soleil, Summer and Toby LaVigne~

VululuV is about growing grateful children through prayer, loving God and our gratitude for Jesus.

We want our children to be aware that we are all Gods children and that all of our individual small actions have an effect on everything they do and everyone around them.

We want them be grateful for Jesus, respect what they have, who they are and the effect they have on others.

But how do children ‘get’ this connection?

We asked ourselves the very same question, and stumbled upon a surprisingly effective solution when our girl’s grandmother passed away.

The night Emoo (grandma Edith) passed, one of our daughters wanted to hold one of her stuffed animals as if she were holding Emoo and pray for her, Emoo was a very Godly woman. I didn’t know Jesus at the time but I realized the simple act of hugging their stuffed animal gave them the physical feeling that they were connecting to Emoo and saying a prayer for her.

I created Vulu Angels in 2013 when my mother in law passed, the girls were 5 &6. It was God calling me to my gift, but I still wasn’t listening at the time. I thought just being grateful would be the answer, you know, be mindful, practice gratitude.

It’s embarrassing to think about it now quite honestly. Obviously it wasn’t the answer, and the idea just wasn’t complete. I knew it, but I didn’t know what it was that I was missing, pretty hard to imagine now! I still thought that we as humans were the ones in control, we had the answers. Ha! So several years later, 2017, I finally listened to God calling me. I now realize what Vulu Angels were all about. I made Vulu Angels in my search for God and I finally found him. Thank God! Is it a miracle? I don’t know, but I’m never looking back!

Vulu Angels are a loving and kind reminder for our girls, and us, to slow down before we go to sleep, pray to God , and be thankful to Jesus and all that we are given, because even though it may not always be clear, we know God has a plan for all of us.

As they squeeze their Angels they feel like they are making a difference and being of service to our Lord and others, and truly hugging and praying for their two grandmothers that have passed.

Praying and saying something about someone or something that they are grateful for in their daily lives gives them the feeling of appreciation that cannot be taught.

Our girls look forward to it every night. 

But the real breakthroughs have been during the day. We have found that since we began this practice, the girls have been much more aware and thoughtful as they reflect on the experience they are having, their love for God and their gratitude for Jesus.

It is common for them to spontaneously mention that we need to pray for someone who is sick, had a rough day, needs some extra love, relatives across the country, people in need. As they squeeze their Angels, they feel like they are making a difference and being of service to our Lord and others.

And, along with helping our girls feel grateful for Jesus and all the ‘gifts’ God has given them; this simple and relaxing family prayer ritual has increased our connection and has transformed bedtime from a negotiation to a welcome chance to relax, reflect and pray together.

Praying and practicing gratitude is an effective daily experience that will give your family a process for slowing down and really appreciating the world God has created.




My hope is that Vulu Angels will be a welcome addition in prayer; they will create a ritual, practice, process that you needed. Maybe your little ones will appreciate an angel to hold in prayer and gather your family around them. Maybe it will bring the practice of gratitude along with your well established nightly prayer. Maybe you can give one to someone that could use a reminder to give thanks to Jesus. Maybe it will bring someone to Jesus, that you never thought would.

I don’t know, but I can tell you they were the guiding angels I needed to find our Lord, and I could not be more grateful!

Vulu, is simply u luv backwards.   VululuV is a palindrome (same forwards and backwards..try it, it's true) of Vulu. VululuV is simply the luv we give. I luv Jesus and now I know he luvs me, it’s full circle. 

So how much VululuV can we give? How much can we raise the God luving energy around the world? How grateful can we be for Jesus? Infinitely is the answer!! Together we all make a difference, and our children have a huge impact on their lives and the lives of others by showing their luv for God and their gratitude for Jesus everyday. And the best part is they get it back, it comes full circle! It's free, simple, and so much fun!! Who wouldn't do it.. seriously. Start Vuluing!!  

Today I am vulu for~

1~ God, Jesus the Holy Spirit

2~ my family

3~ nature in every way

4~ friends

5~ smiles 

6~ being here right now :)