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Growing Grateful Children

Vulu of The Day

A way to practice gratitude and stay connected everyday~

Vulu for Pigeons~

Shelly LaVigne

Ok.. let's take a moment to read the Vulu of the Day.  Lie back... relax..  listen with a quiet mind and know that you are loved. This is a time to appreciate all that connects us.

Now let's get your Vulu Angels and find a comfortable position on your bed. Hold your Vulu Angel next to your heart, take a deep breath in your nose and out of your mouth. Take one more deep breath and let's say..

I am love~  I have all the love I need in my heart.

It's Poultry week at VululuV. 

Today we are vulu for the Pigeon~

Pigeons are very  intelligent animals. They are one of only a few animals that recognize themselves in a mirror. They can recognize the alphabet and pick out different people in pictures. 

Pigeons have exceptional navigating skills. They have an internal compass and they use landmarks and sign posts to recognize where they are. They have been seen changing direction at junctions! 

Pigeons can fly at altitudes up to and beyond 6000 feet, and at an average speed of 77.6 mph. The fastest recorded speed is 92.5 mph.

Pigeons are very clean and  sociable birds with flocks around 20 to 30 birds. These birds mate for life and share the responsibility of raising their young which usually come in pairs.

They have amazing hearing that can detect far lower frequencies than humans which allows them to hear storms from long distances. 

Although pigeon droppings are seen by some as a problem in modern society, a few centuries ago pigeon guano (poo) was seen as extremely valuable. It was viewed as the best available fertiliser and armed guards would even stand by pigeon houses to stop others taking the droppings.

Pigeons are fed by many members of different religions including Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs for spiritual reasons. Some older Sikhs will ceremoniously feed them in honour of Guru Gobind Singh, a high priest who was renowned as a friend to pigeons.

Let's take a moment to connect to the Pigeon and imagine yourself at a park with all your Pigeon friends enjoying some bread and talking amongst yourselves while you send VululuV to them.

Remember we are all connected and the love you give is returned to you... so go ahead and give all the VululuV you can.

Now take a moment to think about your day and send some VululuV to someone or something in your life~

VululuV to you, the Pigeons and to all~

The LaVigne Family~