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Tualitan, OR


Growing Grateful Children

Vulu of The Day

A way to practice gratitude and stay connected everyday~

Vulu for Vaquitas~

Shelly LaVigne

Hi parents~ we are trying a guided gratitude practice that helps get your children ready for bed, relaxed, and sending VululuV. This will make for a peaceful nights sleep. Let me know what you think. Here we go :)




OK~ let's get your Vulu Angel(s) and find a comfortable position on your bed. Hold your Vulu Angel next to your heart take a deep breath and relax. Take one more deep breath and let's say....

I am love~  I have all the love I need in my heart. (take a couple of moments to let them take that in)..... 

Now let's read about the VululuV Thought of the Day.

Today we are grateful for Vaquitas. Vaquitas are the smallest and most endangered species of the whale family and are found only in the northern end of the Gulf of California.  The species is distinguishable by the dark rings surrounding their eyes, patches on their lips, and a line that extends from their dorsal fins to their mouth. A beautiful creature. 

The lifespan, pattern of growth and seasonal reproduction are similar to the harbour porpoise.

Vaquitas use high-pitched sounds to communicate with one another and for echolocation to navigate through their habitats. They generally seem to feed and swim at a slow pace. Vaquitas avoid all boats and are very evasive. They rise to breathe with a slow forward motion and then disappear quickly. This lack of activity at the surface makes them difficult to observe. Vaquitas are usually alone unless they are accompanied by a calf, meaning that they are less social than other dolphin species. Let's take a moment to send these creatures some VululuV.  

Now If there is anyone or anything that you would like to send some VululuV to today take a moment to talk about that and do that now.  

VululuV to to you, the Vaquita and to all~