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Tualitan, OR


Growing Grateful Children

Vulu of The Day

A way to practice gratitude and stay connected everyday~

Vulu for trees~

Shelly LaVigne

It’s Vulu time, a time to reflect and appreciate all that connects us and know that you are loved.

Let's get your Vulu Angels and find a comfortable position on your bed where you can lie back, relax, and listen with a quiet mind.

Hold your Vulu Angel next to your heart, take a deep breath in through your nose then exhale out of your mouth.

Ok, one more deep breath.

Say this with me….”I am love ~ I have all the love I need in my heart.”

It's Sunday.. time to reflect upon the bigger picture.

Today we are vulu for trees~

There are six parts to a tree~ .. the roots, bark, trunk, branches, leaves and seeds. Trees need four things to grow~.. water, sunshine, soil nutrients (food) and room for their roots to grow.

Trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen that helps us breathe and also  reduces air pollution. Trees help to prevent erosion with their root systems to keep the soil solid.  Trees provide shelter and shade from the hot sun for lots and lots of animals.  Often fish will come together in the water under a tree along a river bank for protection and coolness.  

Wind and noise is blocked by trees that makes for a very peaceful environment. Animals and other wildlife use trees as a place to live and trees are simply beautiful, and smell good too!

All kinds of fruit grow on trees. Some of it you can eat, and some you can not. Some of the most popular fruits that grow on trees are apples, oranges, bananas, peaches, pears and plums. 

Many animals make their home in a tree or among the tree tops. Trees make a great shelter from weather and help protect animals from dangerous predators. Some animals that live in trees are birds, frogs, squirrels, koalas, monkeys and snakes. 

Most trees are either deciduous or conifers. Most deciduous trees change color and lose their leaves in the fall. Conifers are also called evergreens because they keep their leaves and color all year long. 

Let's take a moment to connect to the trees. Imagine yourself as one of your favorite trees providing shelter for one of your favorite animals  while you hug your Vulu angel and send VululuV to them. Remember we are all connected and the love you give is returned to go ahead and give all the VululuV you can today.

Now take a moment to think about your day and send some VululuV to someone or something in your life~

VululuV to you, the trees and to all~

The LaVigne Family~