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Tualitan, OR


Growing Grateful Children

Vulu of the Day~

Vulu of The Day

A way to practice gratitude and stay connected everyday~

Vulu of the Day~

Shelly LaVigne

It’s Vulu time, a time to appreciate all that connects us and know that you are loved.

Let's get your Vulu Angels or anything else you like to hold and find a comfortable position on your bed where you can lie back, relax, and listen with a quiet mind.

Hold your Vulu Angel next to your heart, take a deep breath in through your nose and exhale out of your mouth.

Ok, one more deep breath.

Say this with me….”I am love ~ I have all the love I need in my heart.”

Let's take a moment to think about your day~

Who did you see, talk to or have any interaction with? What struck you today? And what are you grateful for in your life? 

Let's take a moment to connect with the energy field all around us.  Imagine yourself giving a big hug to your whole day, the people in it and the natural world around you and send VululuV. Remember we are all connected and the love you give is returned to go ahead and give all the VululuV you can today.

VululuV to you,  and to all~

The LaVigne family~